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FDCI Organized – Ministry Of Textile Held A Symposium On The National Handloom Day

FDCI Organized – Ministry Of Textile Held A Symposium On The National Handloom Day

Ministry Of Textile

The Ministry of Textile held a symposium that was organized by FDCI on the 5th National Handloom Day which is observed on 7th of August since 2015. The event took place at Pragati Maidan, Crafts Museum in the Capital , New Delhi.  Well established and renowned designers that have worked much in the field of Handloom and reviving the Indian artisans were the honourable panelists there along with the President of FDCI – Sunil Sethi.

Ritu Kumar, Padmashree 2013, recognized for her exceptional work in the field of fashion, textile and craftsmanship, Rta  Kapur Chishti, the well known author, researcher and design developer, David Abraham, Creative Director of the label Abraham & Thakore, Madhu Jain, awardee of Nari Shakti Puruskar 2017 for her contributions towards women empowerment and Ramkishore Chhipa Derawala, a Padmashree recipient and the master printer of Dabu and Bagru prints all came together to discuss on the future of handloom in India and suggest about what can be done to spread this and make it a regular part of people’s lives, #Handloomeveryday.

Ministry Of Textile

Addressing the matter Ritu Kumar said “Handloom is the most important thing in our country as that is what is different to the fashion world, with millions of weavers not getting employment in their skills, this is a serious matter”, she also suggested to form a consortium through FDCI and approach the government for it. Along with it Ramkishore Chippa Derawala urged the people especially the government employees to wear handloom to work at least once a week.

Another very important point was raised on the platform – How do people know that this is handloom and the other is power loom, thus a suggestion was made from the discussion that the government should apart from waiving off taxes mark the garment as handloom or power loom.

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Ministry Of Textile

The FDCI at the special gallery of the Craft’s Museum held a handloom textile and craft exposition too where handlooms were curated and displayed by the Craft Museum especially for the symposium.

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